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Many people are blaming inflation yet that's too simplistic if you are looking at people old prices. The way to treat runescape ( ) currency inflation,Those who have been there during the period might remember that those suprisingly low prices for rares around 08-09 are not usual. They had runescape gold been higher priced than that earlier, so they were really with a 'crash' price in the past. The game was at a weird spot. We were getting a number of the first big ocean of bot nukes, and that means you had things just like Shark going from something such as 800gp to 1. 5k ea. People need raw mats therefore sitting on any rare just failed to seem worth it for many people. We got a number of the first double exp weekends also around then, easily recall correctly, and so once more people didn't see the necessity to sit on a Mask or even a Santa or any Partyhat if it meant they are able to save a insert of cash about Construction or one thing.